Friday, 12 October 2007


One last look at Clapotis no. 1 - It's now on my office chair, waiting in the wings to keep me warm come winter -

And introducing...Clapotis No. 2!!
This one knitted up a whole lot easier. I made it only 83 stitches wide, to be more of a big scarf than a wrap. I used ribbon yarn rather than anything more wool-like. And I added a fringe at the end, hides any lumpiness and makes it more swishy when you flip it over your shoulder.

So this is all packed away for Mum for her birthday. Which is today...Hopefully I'll get it out tomorrow. Dad's birthday is in 2 days time* so I can pack all the loot together. Lessen the sticker shock you always get when mailing stuff to Ireland from the US. Dad was meant to be getting socks for his birthday...em...well I did unwind the skein into a ball...maybe for Christmas?

*Mum and Dad met October 12 - the day between their birthdays! awww.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Fringey goodness

Look what I got done during 2 hours of conference calls. It's actually lovely and warm. yay me :)

My second claptois

Any hoo - not to be deterred by my clap blanket I invested* in enough ribbon yarn for three more clapotis. Am kind of a glutton for punishment - or maybe I learn by my mistakes? So here's #2.

Thanks to Thomas the Tank Engine for holding down the curly bit.

Up close...oooh. ahhhh. Looks pinker than the two far-off pics would suggest (And just one dyelot!)

Here are my next 2 projects...Because, yanno, this is the xmas I will finally economize by making my own gifts. Ahem.

Pretty yes? They are for my MIL and SIL, who live in the South and hopefully will be happy to wear such summery colors. Or maybe they'd be happy with a nice white paper bag with 6 balls of lovely yarn in it :P

*an appropriate term given the cost of the stuff...

My first clapotis!

The only place I had to block the clapotis was on the bench on the deck. Paddy the Boston Terrier kept guard - or maybe he was just eyeing the cans of Pedigree.

Here it is, being modeled by my chair. You can still see where the dyelot changes...
...and at one point I got distracted by one of the aforementioned dogs/children and this was the result...
I ripped out the wrong column of stitches - there are meant to be 5 columns of stitches between every "ladder" but here I have 6 and 4...ah well. Like I said this will be gracing my office chair and was good practice. I think I will add those tassels to use up the remaining yarn - so watch this space :)

Monday, 1 October 2007


Well - I finished my (first) clapotis Saturday night. With almost a whole ball of Magenta mix left over - it may get incorporated into tassels - think that would work with a clapotis?? It is currently being blocked on a bench in the back garden (overseen by Jamie-see below), and was covered with a nice coat of dew this morning when I went to check on it. The thing is, it's more of a blanket than a shawl/throw. Definitely not a scarf. So I don't think I'll wear it. While I may not be the trendiest of girls, I am not yet channeling Peig. I am going to keep it for myself though (that whole dye-lot debacle, remember?), maybe I can keep it at the office to throw over my legs in the winter when it's cold...just like Peig

(Pics to follow - watch this space :)