Tuesday, 2 October 2007

My second claptois

Any hoo - not to be deterred by my clap blanket I invested* in enough ribbon yarn for three more clapotis. Am kind of a glutton for punishment - or maybe I learn by my mistakes? So here's #2.

Thanks to Thomas the Tank Engine for holding down the curly bit.

Up close...oooh. ahhhh. Looks pinker than the two far-off pics would suggest (And just one dyelot!)

Here are my next 2 projects...Because, yanno, this is the xmas I will finally economize by making my own gifts. Ahem.

Pretty yes? They are for my MIL and SIL, who live in the South and hopefully will be happy to wear such summery colors. Or maybe they'd be happy with a nice white paper bag with 6 balls of lovely yarn in it :P

*an appropriate term given the cost of the stuff...

1 comment:

twice said...

your first clapotis is beautiful and the second one is off to a great start! I personally think a white bag full of yarn is the perfect gift! :)