Monday, 1 October 2007


Well - I finished my (first) clapotis Saturday night. With almost a whole ball of Magenta mix left over - it may get incorporated into tassels - think that would work with a clapotis?? It is currently being blocked on a bench in the back garden (overseen by Jamie-see below), and was covered with a nice coat of dew this morning when I went to check on it. The thing is, it's more of a blanket than a shawl/throw. Definitely not a scarf. So I don't think I'll wear it. While I may not be the trendiest of girls, I am not yet channeling Peig. I am going to keep it for myself though (that whole dye-lot debacle, remember?), maybe I can keep it at the office to throw over my legs in the winter when it's cold...just like Peig

(Pics to follow - watch this space :)

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twice said...

THAT'S what I should do, make a clapotis blanket! I've always wanted to make a clapotis but knew I'd never wear it. Problem solved! I get to make a pattern that looks fun and I get to stay warm at my desk. Everybody wins! Can't wait to see yours on Wednesday!